Pictured: gumbo prep from a week ago. Because you can't be in isolation without gumbo.

Things are holding together well at the Canady Compound. I hope it stays that way.

My youngest is in good spirits and healthy, which is just awesome. He's still in a phase where every other word out of his mouth is "buttcrack."

My eldest is running a temperature of 99-101 the past few days. Never above 101. He's also coughing a lot, but that's not unusual for him. He's on a daily budesonide nebulizer anyway, asthma-like symtomps usually flare a little if he gets sick, but he's never needed an emergency inhaler.

I'm occasionally running a low-grade fever and coughing, the coughing isn't atypical of Springtime Jon. Both my eldest and I are low energy most of the time.

Last Friday, which is somehow only one week ago, I got to hang out with my sister and brother-in-law. Stayed up late drinking and playing cards and offgassing some stress and anxiety, although nothing had closed down yet.

Yesterday she was instructed to take a drive-through COVID-19 test. Apparently how this works is they do a nasal swab, then they test for influenza. If that's positive they just assume you've got the flu, if not they send it in for a COVID-19 test.

She didn't have influenza.

Assuming I'm able, I'd like to start streaming a little bit in the afternoons or over lunch, both as a thing to do when I'm not homeschooling and also as a thing for folks to watch if they like watching someone furrow their brow at a code editor. Hopeful that I'll get details out on that soon.