Meet my new friend, who somehow climbed the three steps up to my porch and is now hanging out there. Our boys sat their breakfast down on the floor next to the door and are eating with him this morning. So far he hasn't spoken to us, so either he's exhausted from his climb, or he's not actually a magic snapping turtle sent to deliver a message.

I'm speaking at a Tech Talent South event on Monday, June 3rd, giving an Intro to Test Driven Development. You should RSVP if you want to come out.

I'll be describing a doomed project from the "early" days at CoverMyMeds, where we probably would have bit it hard and made a huge national company mad at us if it weren't for Behavior and Test Driven Development, and how you can use these things to maybe help you out too.

You'd think that emceeing Columbus Ruby Brigade every month would mean I'm super comfortable on stage, and I'm sure it helps but no I'm still super nervous about the talk so come on out to heckle/support me as you like.

Once I've got the talk finalized (what, you think with less than a week to go I have my talk completed and now I'm just rehearsing? Please.) I'd like to post a thing about the talk itself, how it was made, the alternates i considered, stuff like that. If you're into that kind of meta let me know so I don't forget and not write it.

That's actually about all I've got going on right now. If you want to get at me for any reason, I'm and @joncanady on the places where you can get at me.