On the day the Webbs visited US Gold, they brought along a demo of  their C64 OutRun clone, having no idea that the firm had just officially  licensed the Sega coin-op.
"When we finally arrived my dad was looking very impressed, like  this could be the big time. US Gold was based in a huge glass building  and the car park was lined with expensive cars. We met Geoff Brown, the  CEO, and I showed him this demo of the driving game. We were in a room  with about three or four programmers and I recall them all looking over  at what I was doing. I had this Porsche driving down the road from my  Hang-On rip-off and I'd added a dashboard, with a steering wheel,  speedometer and gear shift. I did this because the OutRun machine had a  sit-down version and it was kind of meant to resemble that. As soon as I  loaded the game and showed off this Porsche, looking very much like one  of those parked outside, I had the attention of everyone in the room.  What they all knew and I didn't was that Geoff's gamble of signing his  latest Sega deal had just paid off."

The boy behind the biggest coin-op conversion of the 80s via Eurogamer.