An old friend and Innova Partners alumnus Brian asked over lunch if I had any availability to work on a web frontend for a SQL based system he'd built and maintained at CoverMyMeds for years. Their team doesn't have any web developers on it, and nobody internal was free to switch teams. They'd decided to pay a contractor, and wanted to offer it to me first. I know the system, I know the internal development landscape, and if they're giving someone money it might as well be me.

And that's the story of how I now have a part-time contract for CoverMyMeds, the company I left 18 months ago.

Within hours of the official directory getting updated with my information (again), messages started rolling in, welcoming me back and excited to work with me again. I don't consider myself truly "back" – I'm on a part-time 100% remote contract – but it's gratifying that so many old colleagues were excited when they heard my name.

I'm having an odd bit of dissonance with it though. Is this a backslide? I left CoverMyMeds because I was no longer happy there and couldn't take my career where I wanted to. Is taking this contract like moving back in with your parents? Am I admitting that I can't hack it without CMM?

Or, maybe this is just how it goes. You use your network and relationships  and reputation to get offered interesting work before anyone else knows about it, and you take the ones you want.

Or maybe I'm just overthinking it.

TIAMAT'S WRATH, cover image from Amazon

I've been reading TIAMAT'S WRATH, the eighth book in THE EXPANSE series. I'd never heard of it before the show, but wow. The books are amazing, and well worth your time if you're into expansive sci-fi. The universe they've built seems so plausible, the characters so human. From the first book, all of the main charcaters have undergone signifcant changes, and they all feel natural. I

I'd forgotten I'd preordered this one, and nearly forgot how the previous book PERSEPOLIS RISING ended. I'm staying up way too late with my Kindle trying to get my way through this one, it's hard to put down.

Here I will now steal a quote from Warren Ellis about it. If you don't listen to me you can at least listen to him:

Oh.  I tell you what -- I did burn through TIAMAT'S WRATH in about five  nights.   It's the eighth EXPANSE novel, and literally anything I tell you about  it will be SPOILERS.  But what I will say is, if you'd given up on the  series after the last couple?  Read PERSEPOLIS RISING and then read this  one, because TIAMAT'S WRATH is the "James SA Corey" entity very much  back on full power.

Warren Ellis comes to me through ORBITAL OPERATIONS which you should sign up for then read every Sunday. If I were smart I'd have ended on this note.

Having to use a CMM-provided MacBook Pro, which feels oddly okay. Professional. Back when I worked at CoverMyMeds, I used the laptop they gave me for everything – games, personal taxes, side work, whatever. They were cool about that, and I'd been doing it since before they started lojacking and permanently VPNing all their laptops. It feels right to have a strict line of demarcation between me and CMM now. They're over there, and my "real" self is over here.

It has reminded me though how much I'm starting to dislike the stock MacOS experience.

The touchpad, wihle wonderful, doesn't triple-finger-tap to middle-click. You can download and configure utilities to do this, but it's just one more thing to have to do. If you click the clock in the taskbar it does not show you a calendar, like any decent GUI shell since the 1990s. The two-finger scrolling is backwards by default.

These are things Gnome 3 on Linux just does, and does well. I'm coming to prefer Gnome's UX choices, too. These are petty gripes, but when you work with something all day the petty things become big things.

That said, MacOS rarely completely freezes because Firefox or Slack or something decides to spin CPU usage out into the stratosphere for some reason.

So I guess computers are just all some flavor of awful?

Thanks for getting this far with me. We're all in this together. If you want, I am now and always have been and @joncanady on the weird bird site with the Nazi problem.

See you next time.