I’m not writing enough, and I’m not actively pursuing enough projects, so I’m going to start here. Daily-ish status updates from Canady Compound in Ohio.

Streaming my experiments with Phoenix and LiveView Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 3pm Eastern has been fun. This is not a polished video product, this is me jamming code into an editor and hoping it compiles while trying not to swear into the mic.

If that sounds like your kind of thing, it’s over here.

Blogging about blogging below, so close the tab now.

There used to be a blog at jonc.today, but it had begun to experience bit rot; and honestly I’m a product of the early-2000s “Web 2.0” nonsense and the software running that blog didn’t support things like trackbacks or pingbacks or MetaweblogAPI, none of which I ever expect to use but damnit I will not be forced to live without.

There was only one post I consider to have had value from that blog. I wrote On Letting Go, and Being Let Go after having been unceremoniously fired from what would have been an absolutely shit job, and abandoned by most of my friends and peers.

Those friends would later be fired by the same company — some in grand fashion –because that company is run by constantly erupting assholes. So we’re now all on speaking terms again.

Anyway the dozen or so other posts have been abandoned to the net-aether, because I chose the one blog platform WordPress doesn’t have an easy importer for and I just can’t be bothered to write one myself.