My eldest son is on oral steroids and antibiotics, I'm on antibiotics, and my wife is on a Long Island Iced tea of OTC medication. My youngest is for some reason doing fine except when nobody can play with him.

We've only left the house to do drive-through pharmacy pickups, and even that feels icky.

Somehow Instacart is holding up in our area so we're doing surprisingly well on supplies, except for toilet paper and facial tissue, and our reserves aren't critical yet.

COVID-19 Grub

Weather is halfway decent so I smoked a chicken I found that had fallen to the bottom of the freezer. Store-bought rub, oak and cherry wood, low and slow. Turned out great.

We're waiting on my sister's test results to know if we should get tested for COVID-19, but at this point the treatments are the same so long as our symptoms stay mild, so maybe we'll just coast so long as everyone's still breathing.

Keep yourself in good spirits however you need to right now. Things were insane, 2020 was not letting up, and now things are beyond our normal ability to describe them. But you're strong, and you got this.