I am fortunate enough to get to talk to a bunch of folks just getting their start in software development, many of them through my work with Columbus Ruby Brigade. Some of them are just starting their professional lives, and others are trying to transition to tech from a different field, but many end up having the same question:

"What do I do next? How do I get a job somewhere?"

I'd like to answer that question. It turns out that I know some of the folks who are responsible for hiring developers, and have second- or third-degree connections with many more. Here's the idea:

  • Sit down with folks who hire developers, put some cameras up, and interview them.
  • Ask them a bunch of questions about how their hiring process works and what separates people they hire from people they don't. There's some pat answers like "right person, wrong time" or "just needs more experience" but during the conversation I'd like to surface some real, solid answers for what Columbus-area companies are looking for in their software developers.
  • Put these videos up, let people watch them, and then see where we go from there. Maybe there's some generic advice we can distill if we get enough interviews done. Perhaps other opportunities to connect people with jobs will arise. Or maybe the whole thing is fun and interesting and that's just it.

I could use some feedback. Does this idea sound good? Would you watch videos like this? Is there anything I'm missing that seems obvious to you?

Also if you've ever done anything like this, hit me up. I have a nice mirrorless DSLR, some lights, an audio recorder with some cheapo lav mics and a shotgun mic on a boom. Nothing overly fancy. I've also never done any of this before and am basically winging it, so if you've got any tips or experience that'd help, I'm all ears.

I've got the first few interested parties lined up, and we're working through all the normal negotiations now to see if this is going to line up right for them. If you hire developers in any capacity (HR, engineering manager, developer who helps review hires and can speak deeply and authoritatively about the interview process, whatever) and you want to watch me stare quizzically at audio levels while I ask you questions, I'd love tohear from you.

Or hey, if this all sounds ridiculous or someone else has done it already and I've just missed it, let me know that too.

If any of this makes you feel like saying words to me, I'm @joncanady or jon@joncanady.com.