The Canady Compoud is on lockdown. Groceries and other supplies come from delivery services – and on that note, liquor delivery services really gouge you on shipping.

Our eldest, who has a history of respiratory issues, started spiking a fever two days ago. Barely 101 at the max, and he gets this kind of thing on a nearly-annual schedule anyway, but still. We're not taking any chances with this.

Truthfully: things got dark on Tuesday, when we were convinced he was on a downward COVID-19 spiral. But that's just fear (and anxiety disorder!) talking. We're taking it one day at a time. Keeping the homeschool schedule.

Emminently proud of Ohio (and Gov. DeWine, shockingly) for the nation-leading responsible response. Somehow found a way to be more embarassed and angry with the Trump administration, who've hit a new low previously undiscoverable. Some people truly do fail to the occasion.

Stay indoors if you can. If you can't, wash up before you leave, frequently throughout the day, and when you get home. Push your local/state/national governments for universal basic income.

Time to wrangle some kids for school.