I am intensely enjoying @eevee's Old CSS, New CSS, which is giving me intense sense-memories of late nights in basements being astonished that framesets were so cool.

Oh, and everyone wrote HTML tags in all caps.   I don’t remember why we all thought that was a good idea.  Maybe this  was before syntax highlighting in text editors was very common (read: I  was 12 and using Notepad), and uppercase tags were easier to distinguish  from body text.


Damn, I miss those days.  There were no big walled gardens, no  Twitter or Facebook.  If you had anything to say to anyone, you had to  put together your own website.  It was amazing.  No one knew  what they were doing; I’d wager that the vast majority of web designers  at the time were clueless hobbyist tweens (like me) all copying from  other clueless hobbyist tweens.  Half the Web was fan portals about  Animorphs, with inexplicable splash pages warning you that their site  worked best if you had a 640×480 screen.  (Any 12-year-old with  insufficient resolution should, presumably, buy a new monitor with their  allowance.)  Everyone who was cool and in the know used Internet  Explorer 3, the most advanced browser, but some losers still used  Netscape Navigator so you had to put a “Best in IE” animated GIF on your splash page too.

Any article with a case study of the still-active Space Jam website is an article I'm going to love.