My company uses Microsoft Teams1, and there’s no global hotkeys available in their client, which means if I’m multitasking I have to fumble to find the mouse, the Teams window, and the Mute icon to mute/unmute myself.

Obviously as a dork this cannot stand.

Using some handy AppleScripts and some icons from Scott Hanselman, it’s easy to wire up some “global”-esque buttons to toggle video2, mic, and hang the call up.

If you’ve gotta use Teams, you might as well make it easy on yourself.


  1. Teams isn’t as bad as people say, to be fair to it, but I’m hoping to switch away soon. It’s just not a good experience, nor does it inspire the kind of culture that things like Slack or Discord can with their many customization and clients that aren’t garbage on non-Windows machines.
  2. On my setup it just toggles off then back on, but I’m not sure if this is an AppleScript issue or a “my setup is jank” issue

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