Not to spoil it or anything, but now that my son’s tooth is finally taken care of, I can focus on the important things.

Like how much Microsoft Teams sucks.

Look, it’s got some good ideas. The integration with the calendar is great. The video calling is as good as I need it to be.

But that’s about it.

Its concept of “channels” is confusing — they’re just named group chats? I was never prompted to choose who to invite.

The “feed” is just confusing. This isn’t social media, I don’t need a chronological list of who reacted to which of my things when.

And it’s just so horribly buggy. Half the time my Linux client decides to use inputs/outputs/cameras that it says its not using, or it just ignores when I try to change those. And lest you think it’s just Linux, my fully-updated Windows 10 machine different issues! The UI frequently juts stops responding, and this morning I couldn’t get it to connect to video chat at all, just five seconds of nothing then a mysterious error dialogue asking me to try again in a few minutes.

Is it the worst software ever? No, I’m just stressed and frustrated and bitching. But still, this seems like low-hanging fruit and if I felt like burning some VC money this is how I’d try it.

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