Stayed up until the wee hours of the morning trying to stabilize temp on my big-ol’ Kamado so I can smoke a brisket up all night. I’ve never tried Brisket before, it’s typically pretty expensive and hard to manage, but my brother convinced me to give it a go.

Of course the fire died, and now I’m awake and grumpy. I pumped some air into the bottom of the Kamado to try to get the existing fire hotter, but it needed more. Kamados don’t have separate fireboxes, you build the fire at the bottom of the “egg” then put the diffusers/grates/food on top of that. Which means if you need to maintain the coals? Off come the food, grates, diffusers if you have them, then you can play with it, then all back on.

Also it’s raining.

Stay tuned for Ep 2 in this series, “Why I’m frustrated that my brisket isn’t good.”

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