focus, shifting

So I probably won’t get back to streaming on Twitch anytime soon. I had a good clip going, but it’s hard to keep up sans interest, and when my routine’s been interrupted for so long it’s hard to get back into the swing of it.

Streaming only really works if you’ve got folks who are interested in watching. It’s a surprising amount of work, and if you can’t be consistent it’s hard to build an audience. And it’s looking like for now I’m unable to be consistent, so.

I’d like to continue doing stuff with my setup though. Longer form video stuff might be the ticket there — not “watch me do this thing live” but “after I’ve figured out this thing, watch me do it and explain it in one or more scripted video sequences, with pauses for explanations and stuff.” It’s less conditional on the time of day, too — if I’m streaming at 3:00pm EST, and you’re busy working, you can’t watch live, which kind of matters when the goal is live broadcast.

Not saying I’ll never do any more live work, but for now it’s looking like I’ll be trying some new stuff.

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