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I’ve been streaming software development stuff for a while now.

I started just writing a meaningless Ruby app, but that wasn’t fun for anyone — even me. Then I pivoted to writing a Jackbox-style Jeopardy clone in Phoenix LiveView. Not only does this let me get some more experience in a language I haven’t used, it’s also just plain fun.

Hard to keep going though.

The past two weeks have seen significant disruptions to my streaming schedule. Family plans, technical difficulties, and once just plain old “eh, don’t feel like it today.” Whatever minor viewership I’ve managed to build isn’t going to last if I can’t keep to a published schedule.

I’m considering moving back to longer-form, recorded video. It’s more work up front vs. just slamming the “BROADCAST INIT” button on the StreamDeck, but also there’s a longer tail on each. Folks can watch, enjoy, subscribe based on a video I published years ago.

Or maybe the trick is to only stream once a week but to make it a more polished product? Right now I’m winging each and every stream. I have a vague idea of what I want to do with the code, but no idea of how I’m going to accomplish it. Half the time I run into a bug that takes half my time budget to fix anyway.

Maybe I should spend the week putting together an outline for how the show should go, do a little rehearsal so I can do what I intend to do, get the production values up a little — my [streaming setup]( is pretty beefy as it stands but I could use a decent intro/outro and my main layout could also use some lovin’.

All that to say, if you like what I do, hit me up and let me know.

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