Earlier this year, my wife had her birthday. We celebrated as best we could — made a homemade cake, from scratch, with the kids. None of us had ever done that before! And presents were left on our porch by kind family members, which always helps.

Later in the year my youngest son had his birthday, and we video chatted with family and ordered him presents and decorated the house and made cupcakes this time. He said he wanted to go see people but we explained that we couldn’t and he’s young enough for that to be Good Enough.

My oldest son’s birthday is in a few weeks. Doing a grown woman’s birthday is pretty easy — it isn’t like we go wild for her birthday parties anymore. Same with a little kid, they’re excited about whatever you do special. But my oldest is old enough to remember having parties and celebrations with family and friends and also is probably a little ADHD and has a strong sense of “fairness” (despite his feelings having little relationship to the actual concept of fairness) and so yeah.

I’m expecting that day’s gonna be a little tough. But we’re gonna do our best with it and show him he’s loved and celebrate what an amazing person he is and will be. And it’ll be enough.

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