This morning I launched, a discussion forum for Columbus OH tech folks. Or Central Ohio tech folks. Or Ohio tech folks.

I’m tired of every single user group only having a Slack. Realtime chat is not the best way to build a community. Some of the Slack teams I’m on I can’t even follow anymore, they’re so busy. If I turn on mobile notifications my phone’s blowing up all day. If I turn them off and miss a day, I have no idea who’s talking about what.

Screw that.

Forums are persistent. You can put a thread up, come back to it a few days later. You can follow threads or categories you care about, and ignore the ones you don’t. Turn on email notifications and try to pretend its a listserv if you want.

This isn’t a Columbus Ruby Brigade thing, because it isn’t Ruby-specific. This isn’t a “sponsored tech hangout” kind of place. This isn’t supposed to replace Techlife Columbus, or your user group, or your conference. It’s supposed to be the conference hallway, or the bar after the user group. It’s run by my company Third Star Technology LLC, which promises to not narc on you.

Come bitch about the office, promote a side project you’re doing, tell us you need work urgently or tell us you’re looking to hire folks yesterday. Or just chill out and vibe. It’s at

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