A confederate statue is toppled over during protests in Richmond, VA.

NPR has someone on Morning Edition, I didn’t hear who, who has a “wonderful plan” for dealing with Confederate statues in the United States: leave them up, just with placards that tell us “the cause this person fought for was wrong.”

Why the hell I turn NPR on still is beyond me.

The interviewer, to her credit, did tell the guy that she goes to museums and never reads plaques or placards. His response was to “make them and place them so they cannot be ignored” which makes me believe he has never gone on a school field trip, dicked around, and only gleaned the most surface-level information from everything.

Look, there’s an easy question that can be used to resolve this: would you erect a statue of Hitler or Goebbels in the middle of a Jewish community, and claim it was educational because you put it in front of a giant STATE THE OBVIOUS plaque?

[Editors note: if your answer differs from the “no” we’re clearly alluding to here, you may proceed to the station exit marked AIRLOCK.]

The Confederacy turned on their country and waged a horrible civil war so that they may continue to enslave other humans. They lost.

Statues erected many years later by sympathizers deserve to be toppled, crushed, safely blown up, dissolved in acid, or just plain ol’ thrown out.

If you demand that there be publicly available information about the Confederacy, congratulations you have finally discovered museums and history books. I’m truly sorry it took you this long to learn about them, they’re amazing.

If you want a reminder of how awful slavery was, please consult your basic fucking morality.

(Photo credit: Alexa Welch Edlund/Richmond Times-Dispatch via AP)

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