My eldest, nearly 8, is expressing a very minor interest in tabletop roleplaying games, and apparently I never owned a D&D Players Handbook, so clearly this is permission to buy some books!

I started by picking up Pathfinder, pictured here. I thought Pathfinder would be a reminder of how fun Dungeons & Dragons 3E was from back when I played most actively, a reminder of fun times for me and something I could introduce my son to.

HAHA NOT A CHANCE, I now have a five pound monstrosity that repels my son because it looks and reads like a college textbook. I can imagine, with the right context and a group of folks who are all into it, that this could be fun. I recall this kind of gaming being fun.

But I can’t imagine sitting my 8yo down to roll up characters, a process that looks like it takes a solid twenty minutes.

Ah well, here’s a good excuse to order up Savage Worlds, which might be more accessible.

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