I had planned to do two streams today, but mine completely bombed out when windows Hyper-V decided that “dist-upgrade” meant “stop being able to connect to this VM in any reasonable way.”

Hyper-V’s “magically create an Ubuntu 20.04” button generates a VM in that same state: I can boot it and connect at a worse resolution than I had twenty years ago, and good luck changing that.

VirtualBox has some kind of strange bug where whenever Arch tries to install it can’t verify any PGP signatures and bails hard.

VirtualBox also has some issue where attempting to install Ubuntu complains of a damaged CD/DVD two seconds into actual installation which is amazing since this md5sum-verified ISO file seems to have no scratches on it at all.

So apparently virtualization works super for servers and stuff but damned if I just want to work on a Linux VM on my Windows 10 machine.

EDIT, the next morning: Problems have been solved in the manner in which anyone involved in computing during the 90s could have guessed.

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