I’m not quite #1000mphclub, since I’m not actively pursuing contracts, but today seems busy anyway.

At 3pm ET I’ll be streaming some more Phoenix and LiveView game development. We’re trying for a mobile-controlled version of Jeopardy, kinda the way Jackbox games work. It’s very much me stumbling around and trying not to write Ruby in Elixir. Check it out.

At 7pm ET I’ll be joining Guy Royse, pairing on development of a MUD powered by Redis Graph. It sounds amazing, so I’m reviewing code and trying to remember how Redis works so I don’t completely embarrass myself. Catch it on Guy’s stream, or it should also be playing on mine.

Also I’m trying to smoke a rack of ribs, which I haven’t done in at least a year.

And I still have normal kid and house stuff I gotta do.

So yeah. I’m not busy, objectively, but it sure feels like it today.

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