Supposed to see my sister yesterday, one of the only people I think are taking social isolation as seriously as we are. The plan was to make some delicious food and hang out on the back patio — them on one side, us on the other, outdoors with plenty of space and a drinks cooler between us.

It ended up not happening. They were having some nausea and some other symptoms that we’re pretty sure weren’t COVID-19 but they weren’t going to bring some kind of sickness around and we weren’t going to let them.

So another week goes by where we’ve only seen people over computer screens, and precious few of those.

At least we ended up making Rusty Chicken, which you can see in-progress. Look I saw that marinade recipe with mayonnaise and maple syrup and I had to see if it was as vile as I imagined. Reader: it was absolutely delightful.

I stayed up too late last night and worked on the script for GUMBO DAY, which is literally just me in the kitchen making gumbo, but I’m being peer-pressured into making this video at long last. Which also means I get to play with lav and shotgun mic placement and please stop me from buying a wireless lav system and prompter setup I probably don’t need.

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