Stayed up far too late dorking around with streaming software and watching old episodes of THE NEWSROOM.

The king of streaming software is OBS Studio — the Open Broadcaster Software — but it’s Very Clearly open source software. It’s got some rough edges, UX-wise, and I’m currently battling a bug where if I try to play desktop audio, like background music, not only is that audio not captured but suddenly my mic audio is choppy and awful.

So I figured I’d give Streamlabs OBS a shot. Streamlabs is engaged in the time-honored “gussy up an open-source project and sell it” business model. They’ve made some great improvements to OBS’ user-experience, but also…every other screen seems like it’s nonfunctional unless I pay Streamlabs a subscription fee.

Hahaha, no.

Props to making a piece of software you can call SLOBS though. That’s gold.

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