Cancelled yesterday’s Phoenix LiveView stream because I was busy with the family. Hate cancelling, but I’d rather cancel on the 0.8 average people who watch my stream than cancel on my kids. So we’ll just hit it Friday with attempts to test a LiveView Jeopardy game.

Alex is busy running what I’d consider his first TTRPG campaign. There are no rules or dice or anything, just him imagining scenarios and me responding. It’s very on-rails and full of deus ex machina, but that’s okay because it’s his first go at this and I’m just super proud.

I told him about “modules” — books that tell you how to run a pre-made story and a bunch of characters for folks to play. He loved the idea, so if anyone has any recommendations for kid-friendly systems with box sets or modules, send them my way! I don’t think my old Otosan Uchi box is going to do it for him.

Also how the hell is that box going for over $100.

Otherwise just preparing for summer with no summer camps and no friends. Setting folks up with video chat software so they can stay in touch with friends and planning how I’m going to keep my sanity. If my wife keeps baking sourdough loaves I’ll never lose any weight, but also safe to say if I don’t cut second breakfast and afternoon cocktails with my imaginary friends, I’ll probably also not lose weight.

Come hang out with the Columbus Ruby Brigade on Monday. Virtual meetings aren’t nearly as fun as in-person meetings, but it’s better than never seeing anyone.

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